Equipment We Use

Derry Chiropractic is a full service Chiropractic facility which uses a variety of equipment to ensure we cater to all our patients needs:

Adjusting Table

Adjusting TableThe main piece of equipment that we use for Chiropractic care is the adjusting table. It is a flat, bench like table that has movable sections that allow for the table to move up and down allowing for gentler adjustments. We also have a children's table (see below).

Intersegmental Traction Table

Intersegmental Traction TableDerry Chiropractic has 2 intersegmental traction tables which are used to decompress the spine and relax the spinal muscles before treatments are rendered. There is also a heating pad on these tables that help to relax the muscles while the table rolls up and down the spine.


Equipment for Children

Children's Adjusting TableMeet the adjust-a-bear! Using a Chiropractic table designed just for children, we at Derry Chiropractic are focused on providing the very best Chiropractic care for children. It is important to us that your child's experience of Chiropractic be both fun and rewarding.


Massage Table

Massage TableWhether you are looking for a deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, or simply want to pamper yourself, with its low light and relaxing music, our massage room will quickly become your space of relaxation where you can release your tension and worries.


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