New Patients

Please allow approximately 30 minutes for your first visit to our office. You will begin your visit by filling out the standard paperwork, or you can download the forms by clicking the links below and complete them prior to your appointment.

  • For general chiropractic treatment, please complete and submit the online form below:
    This must be done using a computer with a mouse, not a mobile device.

  • For pediatric treatment for children, please download, complete and print this form to bring with you for your visit:

  • For auto accident injury related treatment, first please complete and submit the online form above. Then, please download, complete and print this form to bring with you for your visit:

Dr. Trevey will consult with you about your current condition and will ask you important questions regarding your medical history, followed by a thorough exam. Depending on what is found during the exam, you may or may not receive an adjustment on the first visit. This is to ensure your safety, and to make sure that you receive personalized care according to your condition. The first visit does include a physiotherapy, which may include electrical muscle stimulation, traction, and/or heat, in order to provide you with some relief until your second appointment, the following day.

Your second visit can take up to 20 minutes. During this visit we will share with you your diagnosis, what treatments you will require, how long it will take, and answer any questions that you may have. By the second visit we will have your insurance verified, and you will know up front the cost of your care. We also have affordable cash fees enabling your whole family to receive care. You can expect each additional visit to take up to 10 or 15 minutes. Congratulations: you are beginning your journey to health!

Maintenance Care

Maintenance Care refers to the type of care that you can receive once the issues that you came in with are resolved and you are functioning well. Most patients find that if they keep their spine functioning well, they have fewer flare ups and feel better overall. Some patients find that they function best at monthly visits, and some with a little more or little less time in between their appointments. Whichever frequency suits the patient's needs the best will be recommended, but not mandatory, to continue with care at our office.




Chiro Glossary