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Dr. Amy Trevey has been delivering quality Chiropractic care to the Parker, Colorado area since 2002. Our state-of-the-art Chiropractic facility is conveniently located at 19539 Hess Road, Suite 108 in Parker, CO at the corner of Parker Road and Hess Road. For directions to our office, click here.

Chiropractic adjustments balance and stimulate the nervous system, improving your productivity, enhancing your quality of life and building your resilience to stress. Occupational and repetitive overuse syndromes arising from body structure distortions can also be addressed.

Patients visit us for a variety of conditions, whether due to a specific ailment, for maintenance or prevention, or to simply optimize their health and perform their best. Patients do not have to sign long term contracts binding them to prolonged care. We feel that each individual has the potential to be pain-free, and we would love to be partners in your journey to health. Please call Dr. Trevey today to schedule your appointment.

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"I can't think of any job more fulfilling then being a Chiropractor, I look forward to coming to work each day. Helping people get well and teaching them how to stay healthy is very rewarding. My husband, two boys, and I enjoy spending our free time outdoors riding bikes, hiking, and skiing."

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Pediatric chiropractic care is an important aspect of keeping children functioning at their optimal level.


Chiropractic care can be a great asset, providing much needed relief to many pregnant women.


Integral to many physical rehabilitation programs, massage therapy also aids chronic conditions.


High quality nutrition plays a vital role in both our overall health and longevity.

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Google Reviews
Lynsey McCurdy
Amy is amazing! I had terrible migranes for years. After what felt like endless doctors appointments and prescriptions that I did not want to take, I finally tried chiropractic. My only regret is that I did not find her sooner!
Google Reviews
Kimberlee Hinman
I have been seeing Dr. Amy off and on for over 5 years. Before I met Amy I had seen a few different Dr.s upon moving to Colorado. No one can compare to her gentle yet effective practice methods, caring nature, suggestions for core work applications to improve back strength and a "no pressure" environment. I love the roller bed and can lay on that for hours! Friendly office staff, text reminders of appointments (which I need!). My headaches almost instantly go away when I walk out of her office. I highly recommend Dr. Amy to any one who is looking for a chiropractor but is hesitant to do so.
Google Reviews
Josh Foerschler
Superb experience time after time with Dr Amy and the staff at Derry Chiropractic. She's a great adjuster that has literally worked on our entire family, from me and my wife to our infant (now toddler) twins. My lower back pain was unbearable and she worked with me to correct the issues and get me on the right track. Very kid friendly place as well. Highly recommended.
Google Reviews
John Stevens
Dr. Derry is a great chiropractor! I have been adjusted by her and she gets the job done well even with a difficult spine like mine. I would recommend her to everyone.
Google Reviews
Travis Dieringer
Dr. Amy is amazing! She knows exactly how to fix you up, and gives you the proper information and exercises to keep you in-tune.