Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis affects many people of all ages, mostly due to not enough arch support which causes added stress at the heal where the fascia attaches. The most common presentation is pain at the bottom of the heal or in the arch upon taking the first step in the morning. The pain lessens as the day goes due to the loosening of the fascia, but can occur again and again throughout the day as one sits for a long time and then gets up. After some time off the feet the arch tightens back up and when you get up to stand and walk if there is not enough support under the arch the fascia is stressed again and you have more heal pain. Chiropractic care address any pelvic, hip, knee and ankle asymmetries which can affect your gait, if found correcting these can allow for a more proper gait thus reducing the unnecessary stress on the aches.